The health of our dogs and puppies is paramount. We only produce a litter of puppies when we want a new member of the family for ourselves. We take pride in making sure that our dogs are bred from the healthiest parents possible, we do this by studying their pedigrees and checking documents and speaking to the owners of dogs we might consider using. If we are unsure at all we simply don't mate the dogs. 

All our dogs are checked at birth for any signs of Demoid Sinus. All our dogs are Hip scored when they are over 12 months of age. All our puppies are innoculated before they leave the home. 

We do not condone putting to sleep any healthy puppies for any reason. If we ever had any Dermoid Sinus we know they can be successfully operated on and they can recover quickly without further issue. If we ever had any Ridgeless puppies they would go to good families as pets.

Our dogs visit the vets for regular health checks and innoculations.

We have always tried to choose good reliable families for our puppies to live with and we do as many checks as we can to ensure this where possible.